Connect to the Community. Share Information Faster.

Put important insights directly into the hands of your officers on the beat. Access and compile real-time data.

What We Do

We can engineer solutions that help your department route community complaints directly to where they need to be without the need for dispatching a car.  

This automatically increases transparency and accountability. 

 This also gives leadership access to real-time numbers and statistics on areas such as complaint volume, response times, and have the ability to track criminal activity in aggregate.

What We Offer

Data Security

We keep your data secure and can follow any necessary departmental procedures

Interaction History

Easily interact with community members by tracking reports and complaints in the database.

Officer Readiness

Give your officers all the information they need to be prepared before approaching a potentially life-threatening situation.

Community Building

Work with community members using our tools to hear and respond to suggestions or complaints before they grow into consistent issues

Cross-Database Search

Search across databases to find people, reports or incidents, while integrating into necessary internal systems

Always Accessible

Our tools are available 24/7 - on mobile devices, desktop, tablets and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about our products and other
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We start with a consultation that assesses the needs of your department and community. We can then integrate our existing solutions or build custom software.

We store all of your data in a siloed database that only your department or authorized departments can access. We don’t see your data or touch your data. We use secure and stable data centers with multiple procedures to ensure that your data is safe and backed up reliably.

Many implementations are as fast as 2-4 weeks. Custom solutions may take closer to 60-90 days, depending on the complexity and needs of your department.

We provide hands-on training to all of the departments we work with and have created video and text guides for later reference. We also have support available and respond within 24 hours. 

Good question! While we do need to be able to feed and shelter our families, our goal is getting the best tools into the hands of the people keeping our community safe. We’ve got some great deals on at the moment here and would be happy to work with your department to fit your needs.  

First, what are the problems facing departments?  If you really take a look at the big picture, a few key areas are real resource pits.  Two of the best examples of that would be traffic incidents and noise complaints.  It can take hours for a police officer to arive at the scene of an accident, and meanwhile, the citizens are waiting in the middle of the road while further impeding traffic.  What about noise complaints?  Given the tremendous volume of calls to respond to, virtually all noise complaints are dismissed without further action.  So what happens when you don’t respond to noise complaints?  Things can frequently escalate.

Let’s take a look at noise complaints.  Many departments refuse to send a car off of what is purely a noise complaint.  So what happens next?  Citizens keep calling, confidence in law enforcement drops, and things don’t get better.  But this isn’t just with noise complaints, it is with porch pirates, stolen bikes, all sorts of other “small crime”.  How would this be different with BigTB Community Policing Tools, the whole equation changes.  When a noise complaint happens, members of the community can submit the complaint online.  The complaint can include pictures, videos, all sorts of other details.  Because the complaint is taken online, it frees up dispatcher time.  The citizen also is able to immediately provide information to the officers, without having to have a car come out.  Most of the time, if it is a single noise complaint, there really isn’t anything to be done, but it is logged.  Administration can review reports as they come in and have real data on what the noise complaints (and other types of crime reported) look like.  

Let’s go back to the 2020 riots.  It isn’t uncommon for there to be a massive event that requires significant resources to process.  With lots of information coming in rapidly, now you’re able to search by tattoos and real details that can help you piece together a developing riot, in real-time.  Every officer is now a part of that ongoing investigation without needing to run it through centralized command and information structures.  What would make it better?  The Community Reporting Tool.

Still Have Questions?

Property Managers

Tools built to protect communities

Apartment Buildings

For living communities

Allow your community members to safely and anonymously report to property managers, building security and the police.

Simple and Secure

We built Community Policing Tools to help take the load off of your team. Your security, building management and maintenance work hard – but they can’t be everywhere. Give your residents the ability and means to add their voice to the community team, and your vibrant community will be that much more confident and secure. was built to be accessible to everyone on every device.  No download or account required, unless you want to have discussions on your community-oriented forum board.

Easy installment or custom systems

Make it Seamless

We offer efficient and cost-effective packages to fit the needs of your community, residences and buildings. We will work with your management and community to quickly implement a security platform. We use real time information that stretches across your requirements and adds stronger response capabilities.

See how our Community Tools can make your neighborhood safer, friendlier and more efficient.