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We create solutions to help the community take an active and important role in local law enforcement

For Law Enforcement Agencies

Empowering Communities and Law Enforcement Agencies with better communication between officers and citizens.


How we do it

Two Great Approaches

By providing a direct link between Community and Law Enforcement, the entire Open Source Intelligence Community can submit information.  This can help some of the most complicated cases by leveraging internet research groups.

Through Community Action Groups, residents and visitors in your jurisdiction have greater insight into how they can help keep their community safe.  This allows Law Enforcement to also provide Standard Operating Procedures and build focus groups to help tackle some of the biggest problems local law enforcement face. is designed to help everyone but the criminals.  We believe that safer communities come from a relationship with communities and law enforcement.  By improving the quality and quantity of information shared between community and law enforcement, we aim to reduce crime to the lowest levels in recorded history, one report at a time.

We Can Help.

Solve staffing issues, budget cuts and community relationships with dedicated technology.

Community Reporting Tools

A great way to allow residents and visitors of your jurisdiction the ability to submit online complaints and tips.  These reports are sent immediately to the proper departments along with any submitted digital files.

Community Action Groups

Community Action Groups provide guidance to citizens on how they can help participate in community policing.  By providing real-time communication and guidance from local law enforcement to Community Action Groups, many minor issues can be resolved without the need to dispatch a patrol car.


Easy for citizens and law enforcement to use effectively.


Information is stored at secured facilities and/or can be hosted onsite at your department.


Users can connect with any device that has a modern browser.  This includes all desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones, and even gaming systems.

Looking For A Reliable & Dedicated Partner?

Property Managers

Tools built to protect communities

Apartment Buildings

For living communities

Allow your community members to safely and anonymously report to property managers, building security and the police.

Simple and Secure

We built Community Policing Tools to help take the load off of your team. Your security, building management and maintenance work hard – but they can’t be everywhere. Give your residents the ability and means to add their voice to the community team, and your vibrant community will be that much more confident and secure. was built to be accessible to everyone on every device.  No download or account required, unless you want to have discussions on your community-oriented forum board.

Easy installment or custom systems

Make it Seamless

We offer efficient and cost-effective packages to fit the needs of your community, residences and buildings. We will work with your management and community to quickly implement a security platform. We use real time information that stretches across your requirements and adds stronger response capabilities.

See how our Community Tools can make your neighborhood safer, friendlier and more efficient.